Sculpture Statement

With thoughts of cyclical and infinite labyrinths from the stories of Jorge Luis Borges, I begin by bending tubes and arranging pieces on the floor. The sculptures emerge from memory once the draft of a geometric pattern has been envisioned.

One of my biggest influences is music. I am haunted by the sculptures of Bernini, I am intrigued by the Laocoon, and have looked closely at some paintings by Brice Marden and sketches by Frank Gehry. Don't tell anyone but, my metallic tubing sculptures long to be trumpets or the structure of a squirrel's nest, and they believe that they are spider webs that stitch wounds, or folded proteins, or low scale models of playgrounds ...funny. On a pedestal or the floor, all the pieces stand at their most precarious position attempting to take off. Some prefer to hang from the ceiling quietly.

Interlocking dynamics drive the development of every piece. When I teach drawing, I prefer quick gesture exercises and the fluid narrative of perspective. Always in motion, the pieces gain impulse by continuously moving within the space that is prior to the development of a sentence. These sculptures are closer to the origins of a passing thought than to a coherent statement.